Saturday, June 1, 2013

The "Black Box"

As removed, the unit has no visible markings or numbers.  It is quite "industrial" in its manufacture, as the plate steel obviously made fabrication and assembly easier and lower cost than a cast housing.  Lotsa bolts holding it together!

A post on a forum noted that the Muscat Corporation used this type of transmission on "early" Muscateers.  Not sure how to define early vs. late, or even when this unit was built.  As #2146 one could assume it is actually the 2,146th one built.  Or maybe they started at #1,000 in year one, or 2,000 in year two, and the sequence of builds did not match the actual serial number.

Right hand drives and propeller cam/drive pulleys

Right hand front, control input shafts

Left hand front, control input shafts
The two joysticks lever the "input shafts" and when hand turning the clutch with the levers forward or back the drive outputs engage.  So the transmission spins freely, a good sign, but until we get a bit more time to test no telling if it is fully functional or not.

Left hand rear, secondary clutch (frozen)

The clutch retaining bolt came out quite easily, as have most of the bolted connections.  However the clutch will not come off the shaft, and there is are no taps or a central hub to get a puller on to remove the item.  It has been sprayed with PB Blaster and we'll let it sit for a while and see if the magic juice can help free the clutch from the shaft.

Front view
 The throttle cable is free and the control lever easily moves the cable in the sheath.

Rear view

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