Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ramming Speed....!!!!

A quick look at the propeller and rudder and their associated components.

Drive Levers

The drive levers, one for engaging the pulleys to power the prop, and once for rudder control, were one of the few items that were fairly corroded.

Failed to get a good shot of the controls, pre-disassembly. 

Cable Controls; Drive and Direction

The propeller belt drive free wheels when not in use.  The long cable at the top of the photo below cams the drive pulleys to engage the drive. 

The shorter cable to the right provides rudder control.  As noted we are unsure how much steering a playing card sized rudder will really provide!

Propeller Mount, Shaft and Assembly

The propeller shaft mounts in a plate secured to the rear fiberglass.  All component were (surprisingly) easily disassembled. 

Propeller component, left to right; input pulley, driveshaft, shaft bore/seal plate, propeller bushing, propeller.

A closer look at the input end of the assembly.

And the place where the power meets the puddle!

With only one small O-ring in the assembly and no soft seals it appears that the grease nipple and filling the shaft tube with grease provides most of the watertight seals along the shaft.

Rudder Assembly

The rudder mounts to a plate and shaft with two nylon bushings. 

The rudder shaft presses through the two bushes, and was extremely tight.  So tight that the rudder could not be operated by hand.  It took putting the assembly in a vise and some significant force to rotate the rudder and shaft.  Some PB Blaster and gentle "persuasion" got the assembly apart.

In the reassembly this will have to be looked at and possibly modified to allow easier rotation of the rudder int he shaft housing.

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