Friday, May 31, 2013

The disassembly continues...

In order to refurbish our Muscat Corporation Muscateer, dubbed "Britney", we decided to strip the hull/shell completely.  We fabricated a cart to roll it around on during the restoration.

The Black Box in-situ

This allowed the Black Box transmission to be hoisted out (it is heavy) and the shell rolled out from under the transmission.

The Muscateer on its trolley

Hoisting the "Black Box"

Once the transmission was hoisted, we rolled the shell out of the way, and lowered the Black Box onto two pieces of 1" pipe.  This allowed us to easily roll the box out of the way, and move the shell back into the small work shed we are using.

Now all that is left in the shell are the axle sprockets, two rear tensioners, the limited wiring, and the control cables for the propeller engage and rudder control.

Left rear drive sprocket and chain tensioner
Left front drive sprocket
Right rear drive sprocket and tensioner
The "bathtub"
Next step, finally stripping of wiring and other miscellaneous items to get down to the bare hull. 

Then its determining the plans for providing a new engine and tires....

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